The Ultimate NLP Course

I have been teaching a skill set to help others for 30 years. This is what I do. I teach you the secret to helping others,
which can bring you rewards beyond your dreams, financially, emotionally,
spiritually, and physically

I teach the road less traveled to true happiness and success. It does take effort, work, and commitment. Those get rich schemes that sound to good to be true, are, but the good news is when you have THE SECRETS it is a fun joyous journey.

Module 1:

Basic NLP, Learn To Step Into Others Minds, EASILY

Why do “They” (those who want to control these secrets) want to make this material so hard to get, weeks of trainings, hours of USELESS info, why not cut to the user friendly, “Street Smart” uses of NLP.

All The Basic Material, Easy & Fast

How To Anchor Anyone

Magic Information Questions!

Beyond Rapport


Module 2:

Master NLP, Covert NLP & Conversational Hypnosis

Inside Master NLP, you’ll discover…

How To Bypass resistance

Magic Words for Trance

Advanced NLP techniques

Overcome Self Limitations


Module 3:

NLP Coaching Course

How To Use The Coaching Techniques One on One or Groups

Best Time To Use Trance

Secret Anchoring

Turn Enemies into Allies


“This Stuff Changed My Life

I was a great therapist but was having trouble getting coaching clients, when I added Conversational Hypnosis I close 90%!, my only complaint I do not want everyone to have this info, : )

Changed How I Did Seminars!”

When I modled what Dr. Horton was doing in his public seminars my success grew, then he explained how Conversational Hypnosis Works, and HOW TO DO IT, it changed my outlook,
Thanks Dr. H”

Now that I’ve completed this module, what will I have, and what’s the next logical step after that?
Explain to me in a couple of sentences what I’ll have once I have completed all four modules and implemented your training.

Instant Bonus 1

BOOK Mind Control

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or complete newbie, you need to know the ins and outs of NLP and this is a great primer to get you started. I want to make sure that you personally use NLP so this helps ensure your success

Instant Bonus 2


I will be having a monthly call that students can ask questions or get extra training.
Show up at this live group call and bring your personal questions (or submit them ahead of time) and we’ll stay live and answer any and all questions you might have. You’ll get a recording of this member’s only call even if you can’t make it.

If you’re ready to (stop doing this thing that isn’t working)…

If you’re ready to Master NLP in this shortest amount of time…

And if you’re ready to Stop the excuses, then pay attention because I’m ready to help you get what you want.

You won’t need to leave your home for 28 days..

You won’t need a lot of extra time from work…

You won’t even need to invest $10,000, the values of this material.

When you join Ultimate NLP Course right now…

Here’s Everything You’ll Get Instantly,As Soon As You Join the
“The Ultimate NLP Course Training

Online Training Modules

  • Basic NLP

    $2997The Secrets Revealed
    • Master NLP

      $2997Covert NLP Conversational Hypnosis
      • NLP Coaching

        $3997the Ultimate Coaching Course
        • Secret Mind Control

          $497Secret Mind Control

          Time Limited Bonuses

          Included Today

          • Challenges

            $497easy assignment after each session
            • Video & Audio Training

              $997available 24 hours a day
              • Personal Access

                $197PERSONAL ACCESS
                • Checklists

                  $197step-by-step easy installation
                  • Lifetime Access

                    $497come back 24 hours a day forever

                    Total Real World Value Today:


                    Your Price Today:

                    Just $1497

                    And It Comes with This 30-Day

                    “No Questions Asked” Priority Guarantee!

                    If you can’t complete this system within the next 30 days, I demand you fire me from your business and you get your refund.
                    But I’m confident you’ll stay in, you’ll implement our systems, and you’ll send us a testimonial telling us how much more you’ve accomplished after finding us and taking our training.

                    Priority Ultimate NLP Course Order Form

                    YES! I want these exact strategies to boost my business.

                    • I understand I will be billed $1497 today to receive immediate access to the “Ultimate NLP Course ” membership site
                    • I will receive instant access to all training modules which I can watch at anytime 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world
                    • Free Update
                    • guarantee-seal

                    The Ultimate NLP Course Now: Just $1497


                    P.S. Ultimate NLP Course is a single payment membership site. You will need the Adobe Flash plugin installed (free and included with most browsers), or a video player capable of playing WMV files if you want to watch the videos offline.

                    P.P.S. After signing up, your account will be instantly activated and you will have access to the first of the training videos in the next few minutes.

                    Of all the trainings in NLP that I have been exposed to, Will Horton, and NFNLP is the only training that brings it down to earth, and gives you techniques you can use the next day in your life!

                    Constance P. Michigan

                    Will your Master course is the bomb and again after reviewing the DVD’s over and over again for 3 months I still learn something new from your course, and to mention the way you install the attitude and mindset need to succeed is amazing.

                    John Richard Pineiro

                    I am extremely pleased to have been certified in NLP with Dr. William Horton’s Basic & Master NLP Practitioner Courses. There was so much information in the tapes and manuals that I thought I would be overwhelmed but he truly breaks it down so it is easy to use and understand, he is a magician with how he teaches.

                    Bryan D. Toder, Certified Hypnotist, PA

                    This course has taught me things about people I never knew, it is amazing to get so many people to open up to me about their hopes, dreams, desires and fears.

                    Tristan Roberts
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